How to Take a Screenshot on Laptops and PC?

Taking a screenshot is one of the easiest and convenient methods of all time to capture the moment, but the question that derides is how to take a screenshot on laptop or desktops, Right? We will come to it, but first try to understand why do anyone captures any screen on their system.

Benefits of Capturing Screenshots:

  • If you are in the middle of text reading, the screenshot can specify the portion of your reading to another user saving you the trouble of sending the entire file.
  • While watching movies or videos, you can screenshot any particular clips that you want as evidence or creating memes.
  • You can also capture live stream video moments to show to your friends and family, etc. for recalling that particular moment.

Now let’s start with the real thing that is the methods to do so.

How to take a Screenshot on Laptop?

When it comes to using laptops, then the way to print the laptop screen varies between various brands or model number. Be sure about it first and then read ahead.

#1: How to take a Screenshot on MAC?

This can be done in many ways. Continue with your reading to know them one by one:

  • Click on    icon from the control options. You point will change to camera, and then you can click anywhere on the screen to capture the entire screen.
  • Click on  icon from the control options, then drag a portion of the screen and click “Capture” off onscreen controls.
  • You can also press “Command” + “Shift” + “3” keys together to print the entire screen.
  • Use “Command” + ”Shift” + ”4” keys combination. Drag and select the region and then click a Window to capture that particular region.

#2: How to Take Screenshot on HP?

While it comes to capturing screenshots, HP Laptops too have various tricks to do so. Read them in the section below:

  • To print the entire screen, press the key labeled as “PrtScn”/ “PrntScrn”/  “Print Scr”. It may look like nothing has happened, but now go to “Paint” and press “Ctrl + V” and you will the captured screenshot.

  • Press “Windows logo key + PrtScn” or “Windows logo key + Fn + PrtScn” to take the screenshot and simultaneously saving it within the default “Pictures” folder named as “Screenshot” folder.
  • You can also use the “Snipping tool” to drag to select the region and then saving it to anywhere you want.

#3: How to take Screenshots on Dell Laptop?

Dell laptop can do the same task, mostly in the same manner but with a slightest difference in keys here and there. To know it all start reading:

  • In order to capture the entire screen, press “PrtScn”.
  • To take the screenshot of an active Window, use “Alt” + “PrtScn” key combination.
    NOTE: In case the “PrtScn” key is below another line of text, then you must press and hold “Fn” key first.

  • In order to take a custom Screenshot, click on “Start” button. Type “snipping tools”. Select the tool, click on “New”, drag to select the portion and then save the snip.

How to Screenshot on Desktop?

Now if you don’t use laptops that frequently and prefer to remain adhered to your old PC set, then also the method to print or screenshot a screen is no different than the others. But to have a clearer idea about it, read it below:

  • Press the “Ctrl” + Print screen/ PrtScn” key combination to capture the entire screen.
  • First go to the Window section which you want to capture. Search “Snipping Tool” in the Window’s search bar, and click on it to select it. Click “New” and then drag to select the area you want to screenshot.
    Choose “Save as…” to save the captured image.
  • If your system is installed with Windows 10, you can also use the Game Bar to capture a picture. Press “Win + G” and choose “Yes, this is a game”. Then click on “Camera” icon or press “Win + Alt + PrtScn” keys together to take the screenshot.

The article has hopefully given a full fledge idea about how to take a screenshot on laptop or desktop. In fact if you have a heavy computer or laptop usage, then this method is going to greatly help you with literally any task you perform, whether it is about entertainment or work.

Keep checking in to find out more such brilliant articles for your help.

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