How to Control PC from Android and iPhone?

Mouse or keyboard broken? Want to try out something new like Control PC from iPhone or control PC with Android app, then you are just on the right track.

Sometimes in order to increase the scope of ease and functionality, PC remote is what you require the most. But in order to do so, you need a device, now what can be better and easily accessible than a phone, be it Android Smartphone or iPhone? You carry your phone wherever you go, so picking it out and use the phone keyboard to control the mouse and PC keypad operations can enable you to use your computer from any location nearby, like you are on your sofa, or on your bed, or at your dining table. But the location must be in proximity in order to maintain the stable connectivity between the phone and your PC.

Now PC remote sensing or actions can be quickly achieved by PC remote control software which are easily available on play stores. But you need a bit of guidance since mere mentioning of the software won’t be enough to give you the idea of how they work, thus the guideline below will help you pull it off.

Keep reading the contents to know the methods in detail.

#1: How to Control PC from iPhone and Android using Remote Mouse/ Wi-fi Mouse Tool

Now in this approach, we would make use of a freely available play store tool named Wi-fi Mouse/ Remote Mouse which can be used with both iPhone and Android to control the PC. We would cover both the sections separately here for two reasons, first it would make the explanation more transparent and the operations using both the devices are little different from each other.

  1. From an Android Smartphone:

Step 1. Go to play store of your Android phone, download and install the Remote Mouse or Wi-fi Mouse app. Make sure that your Android version is 2.0 or above.

Step 2. Download the Wi-fi mouse client on your PC also, and you need not worry about any setup requirement after installation. The client is compatible for nearly all PC operating versions, especially Windows XP onwards and Ubuntu, Fedora, Mac OSX.

Step 3. Now get your computer’s or laptop’s IP address by typing “ipconfig” in the cmd dialogue box.

Step 4. Now launch the Wi-fi Mouse client on enable the Wi-fi connection to connect your phone and PC. On the tool interface with phone, enter the IP address of your PC or click “Auto correct” and click finally “Connect” to setup connection.

Step 5. Now you will get to see something like this.

  1. From an Apple iPhone

Step 1. Visit the Apple store to download and launch the Remote Mouse tool.

Step 2. Next download the Remote Mouse client on your laptop or PC which is available for all OS.

Step 3. Now ensure that your iPhone and computer are connected via Wi-fi, run the client tool on your computer and launch the tool on your iPhone.

Step 4. Tap on “Not connected” button and then select your connected PC.

Step 5. Now the mouse operations and keyboard mirroring can be done from different menus available.

The left and right corner buttons resemble the left and right mouse buttons respectively and the middle button corresponds to the mouse wheel. The blank space ahead corresponds to the laptop touchpad if you are using one.

Step 6. Tap from the top right corner the keyboard icon to bring the phone keyboard for PC remote control operations.

#2: How to Control PC from iPhone and Android using Chrome Remote Desktop Tool

Now here the PC control will be done using another freeware tool known as Chrome Remote Desktop. The topic here will cover both the sections for Android and iPhone, since the operations on both types of devices are nearly same. Read the steps below to know the working in detail:

Step 1. Go to your respective app stored either on your iPhone or Android.

Step 2. Next download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop tool to your phone.

Step 3. Open up the Google Chrome browser on your PC and download the “Chrome Remote Desktop” extension and install it normally.

Step 4. Type the URL ‘chrome://apps’ and hit “Enter” key.

Step 5. Click on the Chrome Remote desktop icon from the new page and then go ahead with “Get Started” button off the “My computers” section. The extension you just installed will download a specific file automatically and would install it.

Step 6. Once you are done with this, go back to the extension page and click on “Enable Remote Connection” option to access the PC remote control software.

Step 7. Create a new PIN and click “Ok” to setup the connection finally.

Step 8. Now run the app on your Android/iOS phone to check out how to control pc with android app, and tap your “PC” name on it.

Step 9. Enter the PIN you just created to authenticate the connection setup and now you are good to go with the controlling your PC with your Phone (Android / iPhone).


There are many other freeware software available online to achieve PC control using Android or iOS apps, but we have selectively demonstrated two of them, which will yield easier and quicker controlling. If you still want to try out other tools, check TeamViewer or Unified Remote Application for the pursuit. Otherwise, the already described methods are enough to get your dealings done.

Enjoy, have fun, and keep visiting the website to get more exciting articles concerning your daily queries and doubts.

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